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Intercultural Strategic Plan 2017-2027 and Action Plan, City of Salisbury

Intermethod delivered a comprehensive intercultural study and a policy document.

Intermethod delivered a comprehensive intercultural study and a policy document that had the following components:


‘The need for actions: Background paper’
A comprehensive paper that identified key issues and barriers experienced by people of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds while integrating in the City of Salisbury and state-wide.


‘Intercultural Strategic Plan 2017-2027’
A ten-year policy document that sets out key policy directions for the Council to create and foster a cohesive and inclusive community in Salisbury’


‘Implementation Actions 2017-2011’
A five-year program of actions that deliver on the Intercultural Strategic Plan.


In developing these documents, Intermethod held a number of community workshops, Council staff workshops and in-depth discussions with staff from community centres. In addition, Intermethod carried out review of previous studies and research into issues and barriers experienced by people of CALD backgrounds.


The Intercultural Strategic Plan provides direction to ‘enable the City of Salisbury to become a welcoming, cohesive intercultural community in which all people can thrive and flourish’. The document establishes the vision for an equitable and inclusive community through five themes:


  • advocacy and partneships
  • communication, engagement and participation
  • recognition, celebration and events
  • services and programs
  • Council’s internal capacity.


17 directions, divided into five themes, set the course for Council’s work.


This was the first ‘intercultural’ plan in South Australia, launched at an official ceremony in December 2017.

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Research into inter/multicultural issues in City of Salisbury and in South Australia, facilitation of stakeholder and community workshops, policy writing, establishing actions

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