Our Area of Practice
Urban and regional planning

We have expertise and capacity to assist clients in all aspects of urban and regional planning, from development assessment to planning policy.

Our team has extensive experience at the local, national and international stage working on a range of disciplines from development assessment, environmental impact assessment, strategic planning and policy formulation.


We have assisted many clients in preparing amendments to their Development Plans addressing a diverse set of planning policy matters such as infill development, rural land use activity, strategic employment, urban growth management, township expansion and residential development. We are transcribing this knowledge to policy under the emerging Planning and Design Code and assisting councils and communities in responding to the new framework.


We understand there is sometimes a need for development assessment assistance at busy times. We have provided specialist planning secondment services to a range of urban and regional councils in South Australia and assist across householder, commercial, infill, mixed use, high rise and rural development applications at all scales of development cost and complexity.


Intermethod has national experience at delivering successful strategic planning projects. Our interdisciplinary approach melds analytical, geospatial, engagement and innovative thinking to deliver clear, well thought out directions and implementation strategies.