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Salisbury City Plan City-Wide Community Engagement

Intermethod developed an engagement strategy and led on the city-wide engagement for the strategic City Plan 2030 document.

For this engagement, Intermethod designed a series of engagement materials, including: reply paid postcards, reply paid surveys, customer surveys for face-to-face interviews and survey drop boxes. Simple and catchy graphics of these materials ensure a high degree of interest and engagement, despite a challenging timeframe to the engagement activities. During this engagement, 1,001 people put forward a total of 3,036 views and ideas about the direction for the future of City of Salisbury.


During the course of the engagement program, Intermethod devised, coordinated and facilitated:
• 417 face-to-face interviews with the members of the public
• 363 survey and postcard responses
• 8 stakeholder workshops with a total of 201 participants
• a photography competition.


Intermethod analysed and categorised all 3,036 views and ideas and presented them in the ‘Complete Engagement Feedback’ report. To summarise the findings of this engagement program, Intermethod produced a succinct ‘City Plan 2030: Engagement Outcomes’ report, which contained profiles of all of the participants, an overview of the process and a summary of key messages that have been put forward.


All engagement activities were delivered within a tight three month time frame and duration of the entire projet was 4.5 months.


Salisbury City Council




City of Salisbury, SA


engagement strategy, community engagement, community interviews, stakeholder workshops, presentations, development of engagement material, data analysis and reporting

Community engagement, Social planning