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Future Roxby! Town-Wide Engagement

Intermethod developed an engagement strategy and led town-wide engagement in the township of Roxby Downs. The purpose of this engagement was to inform development of the business plan, identify and prioritise potential new projects and shape the direction for strategic investment and development in Roxby Downs.

Consultation activities included two community forums, attended by 100 town residents (high attendance response for a town of 4,000 people), stakeholder workshops with Roxby Downs Community Board and local traders, a series of internal Council workshops and a number of presentations. Natalya Boujenko led this project and was aided by six Intermethod facilitators to deliver consultation events and workshops. Intermethod also prepared consultation materials including leaflets, workshop conversation cards and maps, media releases and event posters, and took photographs of the community events.


As an outcome of the consultation process, a detailed 66-page graphical report presented community feedback grouped into topics and set out recommendations for the next steps. Roxby Council responded to all of the community’s and Intermethod’s recommendations contained in the report. Changes were made to the business plan and re-prioritisation of projects and investment took place.


The consultation was delivered within a tight two months timeframe. Local media, ‘Roxby Downs Sun’, ‘The Monitor’ and RoxFM provided wide coverage of the consultation and reported positive feedback by the community.

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engagement strategy, community engagement, community workshops and events, presentations, development of communication materials and reporting

Community engagement, Social planning