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Yankalilla Community Action Plan

Intermethod carried out city-wide engagement for the District Council of Yankalilla and, on the basis of community feedback, developed the Yankalilla Community Action Plan.

Community engagement activities included:

  • a mail out postal survey
  • on-street interviews with community members at the townships of Yankalilla and Normanville
  • a community workshop.


206 community members provided 1,670 comments relating to key issues, and desired services and facilities for the District. Intermethod analysed this feedback and developed the first ever ‘Community Action Plan 2018’. This document offers directions to guide specific actions to achieve the results the community seeks from its Council.


These directions were grouped according to the following five themes:


(1) GOOD NEIGHBOURS: Connecting people, groups and government in caring communities.

(2) CREATING OPPORTUNITY: Generating jobs, business and participation in a thriving regional economy.

(3) BUILDING BLOCKS: Developing facilities and services for safe, healthy, prosperous communities.

(4) MOVING PEOPLE: Providing safe, accessible transport infrastructure and services for work, rest, health and play.

(5) GAME PLANS: Future-focused action to recognise and value our assets and heritage.

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on-street interviews with community members, engagement surveys, workshops, development of community recommendations, report writing

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