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Evaluation of City and Glenelg Bike Stands

Intermethod carried out three rounds of evaluation of temporary bike stands with a capacity for ten bikes, installed in place of one car parking space.

A total of five bike stands at different locations was surveyed: three in the City of Adelaide and two in Glenelg and all adjacent to cafe or restaurant businesses.


Two types of surveys were conducted: bike stand occupancy surveys and customer surveys.


The installation of the bike stands in these locations was part of DPTI’s ‘Bikes for Better Business’ program. It explored the relationship between a new bike stand and the adjacent business. In addition to providing the knowledge regarding the occupancy of the new bike stands, the surveys also explored:


  • how customers travelled to the business and how far they came from
  • what prevented them from cycling
  • how frequently they visited the business and how much they spent
  • how far from the business they parked.


In total, 1,203 customers were surveyed in the five selected businesses through intercept face-to-face approach. Responses to the survey questions were correlated to the age groups and genders of the customers. The information was graphically presented in three comprehensive reports (one for each evaluation rounds) and in a comparison report that brought all data together.

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Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure




Adelaide and Glenelg, SA


evaluation and assessment, data analysis, customer surveys, bike stand occupancy surveys

Community engagement, Transport planning