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Commuter Research into Travel Patterns

Intermethod has undertaken numerous projects that researched commuter opinions, discussed travel options to encourage mode shift and evaluated street visitor opinions on transport projects and initiatives.

For this work we prepared and conducted numerous surveys and face-to-face
interviews with:


  • commuters and business customers
  • traders
  • residents and street visitors


Some of the specific projects that we delivered for various clients in South Australia included:


  • travel choice surveys for Rundle St and Frome St
  • evaluation of car parking needs in the City of Adelaide’s Park Lands
  • ‘Bike Friendly Barossa’ mode shift initiative
  • City of Salisbury’s city-wide Community Plan engagement
  • evaluation of shared streets at three locations in SA
  • evaluation of City and Glenelg bike stands
  • evaluation of new pedestrian and cycling facilities in Pirie St
  • evaluation of trial speed reduction in Hutt St
  • evaluation of contra-flow cycling facilities in the City of Adelaide
  • evaluation of car parking and traffic management in North Adelaide.


For these projects, our team interviewed a total of 2,925 street visitors, 155 traders, 2,790 commuters and analysed survey feedback from 2,000+ residents. Some of the tasks that we completed for these projects included:


  • development of surveys, questionnaires and polls
  • face-to-face interviews and discussions
  • evaluation and analysis of feedback
  • development of recommendations
  • preparation of engaging graphical reports, presentations and stakeholder briefings.
Sample pages of our work

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, Adelaide City Council, City of Salisbury and the Barossa Council




South Australia


formulation of surveys to evaluate perceptions, travel behaviour patterns, user opinions or to encourage mode shift; data analysis, preparation of reports and presentations, stakeholder engagement, facilitation

Community engagement, Transport planning