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Horsham Urban transport plan

Horsham Urban Transport Plan, developed collaboratively with stakeholders and the community, provides directions on balancing movement requirements and creating streets for people.

Partnership team of Intermethod and Tonkin Consulting developed Horsham’s first Urban Transport Plan. This Transport Plan sets directions and priorities for developing.
Horsham’s transport system in a way that supports the goals of the community, local economy and environment.


To support development of the plan, numerous investigations have been carried out by the project team on the road network and transport movements within Horsham. Other recent regional transport studies in and around Horsham have also been reviewed, including studies that considered a potential Highway Bypass of the town.


Engagement activities, facilitated by Intermethod, included:

  • Town-wide survey
  • Four workshops
  • Stakeholder workshops and Elected Member briefings


Over 200 people participated in the engagement activities for this project.


During the course of the project, the following major reports were delivered:

  • Background report, providing an overview of all past studies, key issues and considerations.
  • Engagement Outcomes Report, providing a detailed record of all feedback, as well as analysed summary of comments
  • Horsham Urban Transport Plan


The Horsham Urban Transport Plan was based on best practice transport planning principles and integrated Movement and Place concept as the preferred approach to street network design. The document was endorsed by the Elected Members in September 2019.

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Horsham Transport Engagement Report


Horsham Urban Transport Plan


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