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NSW Road Network Plans

Intermethod, in partnership with AECOM, SCT Consulting and Beca, delivered eleven strategic Road Network Plans that identified performance issues and improvement opportunities for arterial road network in Sydney.

Intermethod, in partnership with AECOM, SCT Consulting and Beca developed Road Network Plans for the following eleven corridors in Sydney:

  • Oxford St (2017)
  • Concord to Drummoyne (2018)
  • Ashfield to Rozelle (2018)
  • Three Northern Sydney corridors (2018-2019)
  • Three Northern Beaches corridors (2018-2019)
  • Ashfield to Punchbowl (2019)


Road Network Plans are a part of a suite of supporting plans that deliver the NSW Government’s Future Transport Strategy 2056. In developing the Road Network Plans for each corridor, Intermethodc (in partnership with other consultants):

  • assessed current usage patterns and performance of the existing road and transport infrastructure against agreed performance benchmarks
  • applied the Movement and Place methodology outlined in the NSW Network Planning Framework to prioritise the relative importance of road users along the corridor
  • looked forward to the future to identify changes in land use, travel behaviour and patterns, transport infrastructure, employment and population growth to understand the things that may give rise to a change in the classification of the corridor and its segments
  • established a vision and objectives for the corridor, in consultation with the key stakeholders
  • identified opportunities for corridor development that will deliver outcomes identified in the Future Transport Strategy 2056 and Greater Sydney Region Plan.


All corridors varied in length between 6 and 24 kilometres and were further divided into segments of between 0.7 to 2 kilometres in length. The performance was established for each segment on the basis of multi-criteria analysis and strategic corridor designation. Comprehensive reports were delivered for each of the Road Network Plans, identifying performance, issues and opportunities on a segment basis, and setting the vision for the future.


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In association with

AECOM, SCT Consulting and Beca


road network analysis, movement and place assessment, identification of corridor opportunities, stakeholder engagement, report writing (including mapping and photography)

Transport planning