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Network Management Planning for Transport for London Road Network

Natalya Boujenko led the technical development of the Network Management Planning (NMP) approach to corridor planning, development and management.

This new holistic approach integrated previous modally-focussed programs to achieve greater coherence in outcome and efficiency. The NMP approach was developed for the management of 50 km of arterial routes in London, that carries a third of London’s traffic.


The NMP approach combined the needs of transportation and land use planning into one integrated framework, which was used to coordinate all of the transport corridor programs and prioritise annual funding allocations. At the heart of the NMP approach was a multi-criteria evaluation framework for assessing conditions for all road users. This evaluation framework assured a performance-led approach to corridor planning, resulting in balanced solutions and equitable allocation of street space. Development of the NMP approach ran concurrently with its application to five transport corridors. This tested and calibrated suggested processes and the evaluation framework. In addition to technical development, Natalya led on production of guidance and manuals for the NMP. She also led on the stakeholder engagement activities, which involved numerous workshops, seminars, forums, events and exhibitions during the course of a two-year period.

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change management, transport planning, policy and strategy, best practice research and advocacy, street design concept development, guidance and manual development, stakeholder engagement, facilitation, large scale conferences and presentations, multi-criteria appraisal and evaluation and program management

Holistic street design, Movement and Place, Policy and strategy, Transport planning