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Streets for People: A Compendium for South Australian Practice

Intermethod is proud to be the leading author of this South Australian best practice publication that identifies principles for designing people-friendly streets.

It puts forward a functional approach to addressing street priorities, addressing local context and wider street network strategic needs. It provides context sensitive street design advice for all modes of transport, based on a variety of street typologies. It provides advice of how and when to design shared streets in South Australia.


To support the advice provided, the Compendium offers over a hundred local, national and international examples of re-designed streets and makes direct links with current standards and guidelines applicable in South Australia. The Compendium aims to assist professionals and authorities grappling with the dilemmas of creating people-friendly streets whilst meeting the requirements of national standards and regulations applicable to street and road design. Development of the Compendium involved a number of information sessions and hands-on trial workshops that tested draft principles by a wide range of professionals.


The Compendium received the Planning Excellence 2012 South Australian Award from Planning Institute Australia in the category Improving Planning Processes and Practices.

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The South Australian Active Living Coalition (Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, ACC, Land Management Corporation and Heart Foundation)




Adelaide, SA


transport policy and strategy, best practice research and advocacy, street design concept development, publication development, stakeholder engagement, facilitation

Holistic street design, Movement and Place, Policy and strategy, Transport planning