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Whyalla Rebranding City-Wide Community Engagement

Intermethod developed an engagement strategy and led on the city-wide engagement for rebranding the city of Whyalla.

For this engagement, Intermethod developed visitor surveys and resident/stakeholder surveys, conducted telephone interviews with key stakeholders in Whyalla, devised and facilitated forums with elected members, Council staff and the community.


During the course of the engagement program, a total of 233 people took part in the engagement:
• 73 people completed a visitors survey
• 71 people completed a resident/stakeholder survey
• 4 elected members participated in a workshop
• 52 people attended the community forum
• 18 council staff participated in the council staff forum
• 15 stakeholders took part in the interviews.


Intermethod analysed and categorised all feedback that was captured and presented them in the Engagement Outcomes Report.


All engagement activities and reporting were delivered within a tight three month time frame.

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engagement strategy, community engagement, community forum, community interviews, stakeholder workshops, presentations, development of engagement material, data analysis and reporting

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