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Movement and Place

Natalya Boujenko is a joint author of ‘Link and Place: A Guide to Street Planning and Design’. 

This extensive 250 page best practice guide was published in late 2007 and developed over the course of six years. Development of this work included extensive practical trials and application to network management planning for London’s 570km arterial road network. This and further trial and application work in other European cities is described in over 70 examples included in the document.

The Guide puts forward a new paradigm for street planning and design, based on the idea that all street activities can be attributed to either two primary street functions: Link (movement through a street) and Place (the street as a destination in its own right). Based on this dual-function street paradigm, the material contained in the Guide is intended to facilitate a shift from a roads-based to a streets-based approach to planning and design, addressing considerations of all street users in a holistic manner. The Guide provides a structured framework for recognising and dealing with all types of streets within a network, taking readers from the initial street planning concept, through to detailed design. The assessment framework is complemented by a series of tools and techniques that can be used to identify and successfully balance competing street demands.

The Guide was written for use by professionals and stakeholder groups with an interest in promoting successful streets, towns and cities. It took into account the roles of town planners and urban designers, as well as transport planners and traffic engineers. The Guide has been endorsed by the Institution of Highways and Transportation (UK) and Transport for London and sold copies in 18 countries. In 2012 it was translated into Mandarin Chinese.