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Bowden Development Street Design Concepts

In 2011 Intermethod was invited to contribute to the development of street design concepts for the Bowden Development site.

The work facilitated by Intermethod included establishing the strategic role of streets, using the Link and Place approach, establishing suitable speed environments and establishing key street design parameters.


Based on best practice research, innovative measures were proposed and implemented to create streets that promote active travel and social interaction. Some of these measures included the removal of kerbs in favour of shared street environments, narrowing of lane widths, use of innovative pavement surfaces and incorporation of community meeting places. For this project, Intermethod also facilitated a series of stakeholder discussions and delivered a number of best practice presentations.


Results of this work shaped the design of streets in Bowden (construction is currently in progress) and provided a case study documented in the ‘Streets for People: Compendium for South Australian Practice’.


Land Management Corporation



In association with

Jensen Planning and Design and Taylor Cullity Lethlean


street design concepts, visioning, best practice research and advocacy, stakeholder engagement, facilitation

Holistic street design, Movement and Place