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Roxby Downs Mainstreet Concept Design

In 2014 Intermethod worked as part of a multi-disciplinary team on the concept design for Richardson Place, the mainstreet in the township of Roxby Downs.

Intermethod’s work on the project included: development of design ideas and options, evaluation of street options, research into precedent cases, site investigations, facilitation of workshops and community events, preparation of consultation materials (including leaflets, newspaper advertisements, consultation display boards and feedback questionnaires) and analysis of community feedback. Subsequent to community consultation, the design concept was revised. The project is awaiting the Australian Government‘s grant allocation to progress into the detailed design and construction phase.


Roxby Council




Roxby Downs, SA

In association with

Jensen Planning and Design and Tonkin Engineering


street design concepts, visioning, stakeholder and community engagement, facilitation

Holistic street design