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Movement and Place Framework for Victoria

Intermethod was part of a collaborative partnership with VicRoads and PTV to develop a ‘movement and place’ framework for Victoria.

The movement and place approach integrated land use and transport considerations and enhanced existing tools and processes at VicRoads.


For this project, Intermethod developed an approach for and facilitated 8 collaborative reference group workshops, which shaped development of a new integrated road network classification system. The new approach was applied to case studies.


Intermethod conducted a best practice review of national and international approaches to evaluating the quality of streets as places. Based on the findings from this review, place indicators were developed for use by VicRoads. Intermethod facilitated a cross government peer review workshop to discuss and test the movement and place approach and place measures.


Intermethod led on the review of current approaches to project identification and prioritisation. Working with the Client, Intermethod developed a new approach to prioritisation, that is integrated and outcome-led. For this project, Intermethod facilitated two technical workshops, which sought inputs from VicRoads’ staff.


Implementation of the movement and place thinking in VicRoads is a transformational change management initiative. As part of our work, we conducted numerous internal and external presentations and forums with over 250 (combined) internal attendees from VicRoads and external attendees from PTV, DEDJTR, MPA, DELWP, VicTrack and DPC.


As part of our assignment, Intermethod developed ‘A Working Guide to Movement and Place Framework in Victoria’, a series of technical notes and workshop summary papers.


VicRoads are currently continuing with movement and place development work and case study applications.

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change management, transport planning, stakeholder engagement, presentations and communications leaflets, best practice review, publication development, technical: development of place measures, technical: development of a new classification system, technical: development of a project prioritisation approach.

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