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DPTI Technical Services Change Management Support

Intermethod was engaged by the Technical Services in the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure to assist with the change management processes in 2018, and then once again to conduct the leadership team capacity review in 2019.

Intermethod developed a performance diagnostic survey, which was completed by all staff and was used to analyse strengths and weaknesses within Technical Services. Graphical analysis report was prepared and shared with all staff, ensuring transparent approach and engagement with all staff members.


Intermethod devised and facilitated two all-staff forums and two executive team workshops. These events established and reinforced opportunities brought about by the change management process. Using a series of project examples, new ways of working were discussed with respect to evolving roles, capacities and opportunities for staff.


In 2019, Intermethod conducted a one year review of the progress associated with the change management process. This review focussed on the capacity of the leadership team, with the aim to identify gaps and opportunities to strengthen leadership ability. This review involved twenty one-on-one interviews with the leadership team members, analysis or results and development of recommendations. A series of meetings and workshops facilitated by Intermethod created an opportunity to discuss and prioritise outcomes of this work.




Department of Transport, Planning and Infrastructure


Adelaide, SA


Performance diagnostic survey, performance analysis, all-staff forums, performance workshops, reports, management team interviews, recommendations

Management consultancy