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Change Management Support to the Office of the Valuer-General

Intermethod assisted the Office of the Valuer-General to initiate and implement a comprehensive change process, designed to reduce costs, improve efficiency and better meet customer expectations.

Key tasks delivered by Intermethod included:


• compiling a customer questionnaire, analysing and reporting on feedback
• establishing options for improvements
• identifying efficiency initiatives
• advising on changes to organisational structure
• reviewing and analysing feedback from the internal staff survey
• working with individual staff members to scope and trial some of the efficiency recommendations
• scoping and implementing agile working office arrangements
• devising and facilitating a number of strategic workshops for the leadership team
• delivering a number of all-staff presentations.


This review at the Office of the Valuer-General resulted in significant changes, improvements and efficiencies and established a new, more agile and competitive approach to valuations.


The Office of the Valuer-General, Department of Treasury and Finance




Adelaide, SA


change management, customer feedback analysis, identification of and support in implementing efficiency initiatives, facilitation of workshops

Management consultancy