Our Area of Practice

Intermethod produced eight Road Network Plan summary reports for the following eight corridors in Sydney:

  • Oxford Street
  • Rozelle to Ultimo
  • Ashfield to Rozelle
  • Concord to Drummoyne
  • Windsor to Northmead
  • Richmond Road
  • Mascot to Eveleigh
  • Cleveland Street.

Based on the 30-page RMS Summary Report template provided by RMS, Intermethod’s work involved:

  • developing strategic content for the summary reports, based on the provided 150+page corridor reports and appendices
  • producing level of service performance charts for movement and place indicators
  • verifying key performance summary information on the basis of data tables for various modes of travel and for place-related information
  • developing road segment classification figures.

All of the summary reports were delivered within tight one to two week timeframes.

The summary reports are used to agree the direction for the corridors among transport agency stakeholders and local government.

Sample pages of our work