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South Australia’s Expert Panel on Planning Reform

Natalya was one of the five members of South Australia’s Expert Panel on Planning Reform during 2013 – 2014. This state significant review was the first major analysis of the legislation that forms the basis for South Australia’s planning system for over 20 years.

The remit for the Expert Panel was to undertake substantive and inclusive engagement during their review process. The overarching methodology was to establish partnerships, listen and scope, discuss and explore leading to a set of proposed recommendations for the Minister for Planning. This process was punctuated by a series of progress reports, options paper in advance of the submission of the final report in December 2014.


The Expert Panel staged or participated in more than 75 community or stakeholder workshops, briefings, roundtable discussions across the breadth of the state. These included liaison with all stakeholders from professional groups, local government, to private individuals. Overall, the Expert Panel reviewed the input from more than 2500 people plus advice from State Government staff and technical consultants.


Natalya led on a number of public meetings and worked in all facets of the review process.


First report by the Expert Panel, ‘What we have heard’, outlined the views the panel heard over the course of 75 community and sector-specific workshops, briefings and roundtable discussions. These views were grouped and collated into this report and informed the work of the panel in formation of viable options for the new planning legislative framework.

Second report by the Expert Panel, ‘Our ideas for reform’, outlined panels initial ideas for reform of the planning system based upon research, investigation and discussions that the panel had conducted. The report acted as a reference document for a second round of sector-focussed discussions.

Third and final report by the Expert Panel, ‘The planning system we want’ , recommended action to achieve the new planning system for South Australia that will result in significant benefits if fully implemented.

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Expert Panel Our Ideas for Reform


Expert Panel The Planning System We Want


What We Have Heard


Independent work by the Expert Panel (consisting of Brian Hayes QC (Chair), Natalya Boujenko, Simone Fogarty, Stephen Hains and Theo Maras AM), commissioned by the Minister for Planning




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