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North Adelaide Town-Wide Engagement for Local Area Traffic and Parking Management

Intermethod developed the engagement strategy and led on the city-wide engagement for North Adelaide Local Traffic and Parking Management (NA LATPM) initiative.

For this engagement, Intermethod developed and graphically produced surveys and posters.


We also produced two short video clips that were available from the Council’s web site: a 1 minute clip to advertise the project and engagement activities, and a 3 minute clip that overviewed the engagement process and outcomes. Video footage was a successful tool to engage more people in the project and to build capacity of the subject matter in the community.


During the course of the engagement process, Intermethod devised, coordinated and facilitated:

  • a letter drop survey that was distributed to all residents and property
  • owners and generated (in combination with on-line surveys) 866 responses
  • 260 intercept street visitor surveys
  • 35 trader interviews
  • two on-street pop-up sessions with over 110 drop in attendees
  • two community workshops with 34 attendees.


Intermethod analysed and categorised all 5,028 comments received from 1,249 consultation participants and presented feedback in the ‘NA LATPM Engagement
Feedback’ report. The complexity of feedback received for 10 open-ended survey questions was rationalised by carefully thought through feedback categories, which enabled grouping of data.


The workshops provided an opportunity to share engagement feedback with the community and to encourage attendees to explore and propose solutions to common problems that balanced diversity of views.


This extensive engagement work enabled Adelaide City Council to develop community-led traffic and car parking management strategies.

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engagement strategy, development of engagement material, community engagement, intercept street visitor surveys, trader surveys, pop-up on-street workshops, community workshops, presentations, video production of process and findings, data analysis and reporting

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